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Jesse Johnson coaches healers, leaders, and spiritual teachers
from all over the world in launching their businesses
and bank accounts to the next level.

Jesse's success and mindset coaching has a very unique lens on money and spirituality. She works with spiritual leaders, healers, and coaches to experience sales and their business as a spiritual process and earn significantly more money for their calling in life. Her clients create financial and creative abundance by dismantling the false beliefs they hold around wealth and taking action to bring money into their lives with integrity so they can serve at the highest level - no compromise, no self-sacrifice, no mediocrity, no poverty.

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I’ve experienced so much in the last year of working with Jesse. I quit nursing and med school. I quit being so unhappy. Now I feel happiness and joy a lot. I know what deep happiness really means. I have met my goals, quadrupled my income, cultivated my relationship, bought a new home, and so much more.
— Colynn Vosburgh, Owner and Coach at Frik-Shuhn Yoga
My revenue went up by about 90% since working with Jesse. I have more confidence in what I do, more love for my clients, and more love for my life. I’ve paid other coaches before, and have received a lot of nuts and bolts - but none have been so elevated, and so expansive for me as Jesse. In the world of coaching, you can get coached by a mechanic to fix & compete, or you can get coached by a magician to create and attract, leveraging your innate Being, while you work out the mechanics easily. Jesse is magic.
— Dr. Steven Giron, Ph.D. Certified Master Facilitator Higher Brain Living®
Working with Jesse has pushed me to bring the gifts that I already possess to the surface. Starting a new business is brand new to me and Jesse’s coaching is leading me in the right direction. From tightening up my logistics to making my first two really good sales calls. Yay! Our sessions help me work through my resistance and knock down more of the personal blocks that I have. I know I’ll reach all of my business milestones with what I’m continuing to take away from working with Jesse.
— Ayanna Roach, Social Media Expert
I was craving support. Not the kind of support where someone tells me what I need and how to get it and where. The kind where I have someone on my team that can help me see myself. The kind that points to my radiant light when I can’t find it. Before coaching with Jesse, I was noticing a big vicious cycle of judgment. I would judge a thought or a feeling or a situation I found myself in, and then judge the self-judgement on top of that. Coaching with Jesse supported me in becoming even more aware of this process and meeting these parts over and over again with the eyes of an observer, which seems to slow down the cycle itself.
— Madeline Gabor, Embodiment Coach
Through the coaching I came to recognize how I was giving away my power and energy to others rather than using my power and energy for what I truly wanted. I did not regularly create the space to truly practice my work or offer it in an empowered way and now I practice every day no question about it.
— Hilary Lake, Founder of Moving in Grace
Jesse helped me raise my ceiling for what was possible financially. When I first met Jesse, I was re-defining my worth and setting new goals for myself. After one interaction with her, I realized that I was shooting way too low and that much more was possible and available. Since, Jesse has provided coaching and resources to assist me in building a bigger life for myself.
— Jason Dukes, Coach
From our first moments together, I felt the complete fullness of Jesse’s presence and support. She was able to guide me with deep wisdom, steadfastness, and love to a place where I could access my own inner strength and clarity. Before I began coaching with Jesse, I was consumed by doubt and uncertainty. Now I feel strong, stable, clear, and optimistic about my future. I never believed this level of transformation was possible in three months. Jesse has guided me on a path that has radically changed my life for the better. She is such a strong and inspirational person, and her presence and voice will continue to live on within me forever.
— Deborah Schaeffer, Teacher