Fuck that Noise

I spoke to someone last week about my love of working with spiritual teachers, healers, and transformational guides.

Because they want – with every fiber of their being – to be of service in the world.

They are MORE than entrepreneurs – they want impact.

And this trusted advisor said to me:

“We can’t target those people. They don’t invest in themselves. They don’t charge what they are worth. And they’re not serious.”

So I called bullshit.

I have been helping these exact people for the last 10 years. Do some of them want a magic pill? Of course. Do some of them refuse to do the work? Yes. Do some of them prefer not to talk about money, charge what they’re worth or deal with the financial demand that business requires?


Welcome to being human.

Those people – the magic seekers, the money resistors, the avoiders – they exist in EVERY field, in EVERY subgroup. And I refused to listen to my advisor.


I am your champion.
You want to make 7 figures healing the world?
Go for it.
You can do it.
The world is ripe for it.
This is the time.

Want to help people and make money doing it?
You’ll help more people when you make that money.

Is it for every healer?
Every spiritual teacher?


AND if you’re serious…
Your conscious/spiritual practices give you more self reflection, urgency, and resources to do the work around money.

And when you do the work around money, it sets you up to do your work even more powerfully.

You all know that your spiritual resources are more than your physical body – and money is part of that.

The rise of TRUE spirituality on the planet requires that the money piece is integrated – or we’re not doing our service.

We’re not here to hide in caves meditating.

We’re here to bring our transformational, healing, and spiritual tools to the planet. People are hungry for them.

And I’m here to help you thrive in your service.

How willing are you to be uncomfortable?
How much do you want to master money?

Are you with me? Let me know in the comments below.

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