Why I Said YES to Coaching

Have you thought about hiring a coach? Maybe you’ve you been tempted to say yes but then backed out. 

Hiring a coach can be scary – I know this from experience. I also know that saying yes to coaching, changed my life. And continuing to say yes to coaching has allowed me to build a thriving seven figure business – and transform the framework of my life. 

I hired my first coach when I was teaching in New York City high schools, working with teachers all over the city and feeling like there was more for me – so much more – but I was tapped out. I was at the top of my game and it didn’t seem like there was anywhere else for me to go.

I called a friend of mine – a math teacher I’d met years before – and asked her about coaching. Within three minutes, I knew that everything in my life had prepared me for this moment. Every single spiritual experience, educational experience, professional experience, even my parents had prepared me for this choice, this career, this purpose. 

I hired her on the spot and a few months later, we went to an event with her coach. That was the moment that I got to see the lineage. It was actually my coach saying yes that helped me say yes, and her saying yes was facilitated because her coach said yes, and so on and so forth. There was a whole lineage of yeses that allowed me to step fully into my purpose.

At that event, my coach got up at the mic and shared that she had made $170,000 in that month, and it wasn’t even the end of the month. When I heard that, my mind was blown and that inspired me like nothing else had. I literally didn’t know it was possible until I heard her say that and as soon as I heard her say that, it was like, “I want that. That’s for me too.” It lit a fire under me that mobilized and motivated me to claim more of what I was truly capable of.

Watch the video below to discover why saying yes to coaching is so scary for so many people – myself included – and how this three letter word transformed my life. Let me know in the comments section below if this video sparked something inside of you and what your biggest takeaway was.

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