Renaissance Man
You've found your Clan

Welcome Renaissance Men, this is group for you! This unique group coaching opportunity is for strong, sensitive, and expressive men with glorious missions who want to take their service and bank accounts to the next level.

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The Path to Prosperity

This group was formed to support male coaches, healers, and spiritual guides in forging a pathway to prosperity. It is a widely held and inaccurate belief that these types of callings mean a life of perpetual poverty, necessitating unstimulating “day” jobs to support your true passion. This group will challenge then eradicate those beliefs to pave the way for financial and creative abundance. If you’re ready to step into being an entrepreneur, and want to learn how to achieve your greatest success, then this group was made for YOU. This is a community of like-minded men that will offer consistent reflection and companionship as you all embark on your unique journeys.


This six-month experience will consist of:

  • Group Coaching to gain clarity and encouragement to step into the fullness of excellence that you are meant for
  • Tools to overcome obstacles that have slowed you down in your business so that you can claim the success of your dreams
  • Support in your vision and strategy for creating and building a business aligned with your passion and values
  • Training in pricing, sales, and marketing to build your toolkit as an entrepreneur
  • A committed network of eight amazing and innovative Male leaders to go along with you on the journey
  • Three two-hour group calls per month on Google hangout
  • Private Facebook group

The Inspiration for this Group

A little while ago, I had the desire to create a group coaching experience for entrepreneurs. As I met more and more teachers, artists, yoga instructors and activists, I encountered some amazing men who said, “I’m totally down...but I don’t want to be the only guy in the group.” As I heard this same sentiment repeated, I realized: “Ah ha! These men desire society with others like themselves!” I decided to provide it for them. I created a whole new group just for men who want to forge forth and create sustainable businesses in their unique chosen paths.

Do you know there's more for you to give and to receive? 

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