I coach leaders and teachers from all over the world as they create, plan, and execute next level, highly profitable retreats.

I come to life coaching via math education. I hold an MA in Mathematics from Columbia University and taught mathematics for twelve years. For five of those years I worked full time as a teacher educator, successfully training and coaching math teachers and building teacher teams in the New York City Public Schools. During this time I also trained at the Center for Group Studies, an institute of modern group psychoanalysis, which further strengthened and developed my skills as a facilitator.

In addition to my work in math education, I have taught meditation and Contact Improvisation for both adolescents and adults in all contexts from schools to transformational festivals. I have produced, facilitated, and taught more than 200 retreats and workshops all over the world. 

Working in spiritual, artistic, and educational contexts has helped me develop a unique and powerful skill set. The clarity, curiosity and compassion I bring to the table are my great fortune in life!  I'm delighted to offer these gifts in service to support your big visions, tremendous success, and deep transformation.

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Once meeting Jesse, my ceiling was raised for what was possible financially. When I first met Jesse, I was re-defining my worth and setting new goals for myself. After one interaction with Jesse, I realized that I was shooting way too low and that much more was possible and available. Since, Jesse has provided coaching and resources to assist me in building a bigger life for myself.
— Jason Dukes, Coach
From our first moments together, I felt the complete fullness of Jesse’s presence and support. She was able to guide me with deep wisdom, steadfastness, and love to a place where I could access my own inner strength and clarity. Before I began coaching with Jesse, I was consumed by doubt and uncertainty. Now I feel strong, stable, clear, and optimistic about my future. I never believed this level of transformation was possible in three months. Jesse has guided me on a path that has radically changed my life for the better. She is such a strong and inspirational person, and her presence and voice will continue to live on within me forever.
— Deborah Schaeffer, Teacher
Jesse is an inspiration to me as a teacher and a coach. She helped me shake the belief that being in service and using my gifts to help others didn’t have to mean I had to give up my right to financial freedom and security. I think it’s because of her principled belief that spiritual mentors and leaders have real value in this world - she gave me the confidence to believe it for myself. From there, we worked through a process together that taught me how to have more clarity in how to organize myself and my thoughts, uplevel my group facilitation, and the confidence to charge what I really wanted to for my work. The money part was big. I was surprised how simple and straightforward it could be to talk the nitty gritty around money, budgets and business. Through my work with Jesse, I could dream bigger because we challenged all of my inner roadblocks head-on and kept moving towards my vision.
I’ve also had the pleasure of being present when she does group work and it’s amazing how she is able to be just as authentic and fun and herself, even in a room full of strangers. Her energy and confidence let us all relax, connect on a deeper level, and have a really meaningful experience together.
Jesse worked with me where I was and helped me close the gap between what I have and what I want. She lights the way and I am able to trust her to see what I can’t - and to help me see it for myself.
Coaching with Jesse will support your big visions through a process of deep transformation that enables you to expand into success. If you want to take your leadership, teaching and business to the next level, I recommend you reach out to Jesse and find out what you’re truly capable of.
— Michelle S., Healer & Entrepreneur
If I hadn’t attended any other session than yours, the cost of registration, hotel, food and transportation would all still have been well worth it.
— Sally K., Coach