Fuck that Noise

I spoke to someone last week about my love of working with spiritual teachers, healers, and transformational guides. Because they want – with every fiber of their being – to be of service in the world. They are MORE than entrepreneurs – they want impact. And this trusted advisor said to me: “We can’t target those people. They don’t invest in themselves. They don’t charge what they are worth. And they’re not serious.” So I […]

Sales as a Spiritual Practice?

Raise your hand if you LOVE sales!!! Anybody? Anyone? I know there are a few of you out there – but if you didn’t immediately put up your imaginary hand, you’re not alone. I love sales now – but I didn’t always. When I started my coaching business, I was focused entirely on working with retreat leaders. It was the perfect way to use both my mastery as a math educator and my passion for […]

Moving Out of the Middle Class Mindset

Before I started Jesse Johnson Coaching, I taught high school algebra to inner city students in NYC public schools. I became a teacher because I thought dedicating my life to working with a population of people who I knew had been disenfranchised was the solution to systemic racism in our country, and I wanted to have a big impact at that level. So I worked harder and harder, thinking if I continued to put in […]

You ARE Royalty

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘lack mindset?’ It’s a pretty basic Law of Attraction concept that translates to this… If you think there’s not enough of something, there won’t be enough of it – at least, not for you. You simply won’t see it – and once you form a habit of thinking that way, you’ll just keep proving scarcity right, over and over again. The bad news is, it’s built into the middle […]

What Do Success and Sex Have in Common?

If you’re anything like me, you know there’s a connection between sex and success – and you want to know more! Every month in my group program “The Success Sessions,” I invite a special guest to join us to speak about their definition of success. Our guests include millionaire business owners, advisors to Oprah, PR mavens, relationship gurus, and powerful spiritual teachers. Each is an expert in their field, and powerful in (seemingly) every aspect […]