Spiritual Sales Mastery

If you've been wanting more money, community, support, and access to the greatest realization of your potential, join Jesse for the next six month intensive coaching group for spiritual teachers, healers, and coaches focused on Sales as a Spiritual Practice.

  • Do you want to earn six figures in the next six months?
  • Are you a master of what you do and feel ready for more visibility and impact?
  • Do you want to use your business to master yourself?

This group is designed to support coaches, healers, and spiritual guides in forging a pathway to prosperity. Your calling does not mean a life of perpetual poverty, necessitating mediocre “day” jobs to support your true passion. Challenge and then eradicate those beliefs to pave the way for financial and creative abundance. If you want to see what you're really capable of, then this group was made for YOU. This community will offer consistent reflection and companionship as you all embark on your unique journeys.

Here's what you can expect:

  • A deeper visceral knowing of who you really are - in the fullness expression of your excellence - and the service you are here to offer.
  • Support in your vision and strategy for creating and building a business aligned with your passion and values
  • Group coaching to gain clarity and encouragement to step into the massive success that you long for
  • Training in pricing, sales, and marketing to build your toolkit as an spiritual entrepreneur
  • A committed, intimate network of amazing and innovative leaders to go along with you on the journey
  • Concrete tools to create, plan, fill, and execute your transformational and highly profitable programs and retreats
  • Three two-hour live group coaching calls per month on Zoom  
  • A private Facebook group

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One:One Coaching with Jesse

Jesse supports spiritual teachers, healers, and coaches in making money with ease doing what they love. Her clients bring their training, devotion, and vision to the table - she helps them bring that vision into form.

She works with individuals in intensive 9 month immersions to create multiple six and seven figure incomes.
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