Join us October 13-14 in Washington, D.C.

This 2-Day Intensive is designed for you if you…

  • Haven’t made a substantial sale in weeks, and your self-worth is shrinking faster than your savings.

  • Often wonder, “What if the universe doesn’t provide?!” and then talk yourself out of the leaps that would transform your business and life.

  • Have good months and bad months, and are tired of riding the income rollercoaster and causing unnecessary stress in your life.

  • Are caught in the more money—more work cycle, close to burnout and have little to show for it financially. #whatsa401k?

Believe it or not, many entrepreneurs are right there with you. Whether you’re an acupuncturist, a healer, a yoga teacher, a coach or an educator, you’re doing incredible work—please know that—you’re just stuck on how to go forward and match your business to your vision. 

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I am the Founder and CEO of my own
7-figure coaching and consulting business. I help entrepreneurs transform sales into a spiritual practice so they can finally free themselves from their own limitations, experience real wealth and create a massive impact.


Let me show you how to create a business that thrives!


Money, Spirituality & the Bridge Between went so well on the west coast that we decided to fulfill the multiple requests to bring it east!In this 2-Day Intensive, I’ll teach you how to close the gap between money and spirituality. 

You’ll go inward, connect to spirit and get clarity on:

  • 3 surprising obstacles that block you from having the business success you want - and how you can overcome them, pronto!

  • One critical piece of information that I use to help my clients create massive cash injections in less than a week! (This alone is worth the price of admission!)

  • The simple spiritual practice you can use to bring your dream life—spiritually, financially—into reality.

  • How a deeper understanding of yourself will empower you to make more money today, eliminate self-doubt, and silence the negative voices in your head.


You know you’re destined for more—more success, more impact, more money. 

And you don’t want to sacrifice your integrity or spirituality to get there. 

The good news…  you don’t have to. 

With Money, Spirituality and the Bridge Between, I'll teach you the step-by-step process that has worked for me and my clients so that I can help you create the success you truly desire.

When you commit, you’ll receive a deeper understanding of yourself and your desires, which will enable you to uplevel much faster and serve your clients at a higher vibration.



This is a limited time offer, and will expire soon.


B O N U S - when you make your payment, you will receive a one-time opportunity to bring a friend/associate for ONLY $275! Share the love and this incredible offer NOW!


Join me and fellow entrepreneurs for an experience you won’t forget …


I have personally selected the luxurious Ritz-Carlton at Tysons Corner to host this 2-day Intensive. The Ritz-Carlton is located in McLean, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. It has all the amenities you could ever desire, complete with a spa, inviting bistro restaurant, and polished event spaces. 

The hotel has also graciously offered to give those attending the Intensive special room rates. {Please note: your travel, room and meals (aside from lunches) are not included in the ticket price.}

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The Intensive will begin Saturday, October 13th and end Sunday, October 14th. 

Both days we will meet from 10 am until 6 pm. During this time, we will do the inner work required to shift from the “doing-ness” of your business to a higher being, connecting spirit and money to reap the financial rewards you want and desire. 

After our sessions end, I recommend getting to know your fellow entrepreneurs and would treat this time as an impromptu networking event where you can share your experiences with other like-minded business owners.




This is a limited time offer, and will expire soon.


Not only am I offering the BONUS, but I’m so confident in my ability to help, that I’m 100% guaranteeing your experience. If after the end of the first day, you’re not convinced that Money, Spirituality and the Bridge Between is worth your investment, let me know before the beginning of Day 2 and I’ll gladly give you your money back.


See you in Washington D.C.!