Have you been dreaming of leading enormously transformative retreats?
Do you already lead retreats, but are just making ends meet financially?
Do you know it’s time for you to claim the next level of your success?

If your heart of hearts knows that you are here to lead people in spiritual transformation AND live a life of luxury at the same time, you are not alone. Join me and an amazing tribe of fellow spiritual leaders and transformational healers on an opulent retreat in the most beautiful bay Maui has to offer. Part restoration, part education, and part rocket launch - the structure, schedule, and location are all designed to help your retreat business soar to unbelievable heights. This is not a retreat for the faint of heart: I intend on giving each and every one of you the swift kick of inspiration you’ve called in for yourselves so you can reach your next level FAST...all while we delight together in the luxury of unparalleled natural beauty.

Intrigued? Here’s a little more about what you can expect from the experience:

  • Intensive coaching to crystallize your personal mission and identity as a transformational leader
  • Clarity to see the blocks that have kept you from playing at the level you truly want
  • Modeling and debriefing the moves that make a transformational leader effective
  • Exquisite food to nourish your body
  • Tools to master your money mindset - bring in the money you want, when you want it
  • Focused time to dive deeply into your retreat program and hone every aspect
  • Constant ocean views to expand your breath, mind, and vision
  • The invaluable support and inspiration of highly conscious community
Panorama of Napili Bay, just steps from your room.

All Napili Kai Beach Resort accommodations for this retreat include king beds, private kitchenettes, and ocean views. Napili Kai is surrounded by nature, just steps from the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. Allow your transformation to sink in while you snorkel, hike, swim, or stand up paddle-board. The bay offers the company of sea turtles, fish of dazzling color, and an astonishing coral reef. This beautiful property has been nurtured with integrity and a sacred intention for many years, ensuring that guests can relax & enjoy the island’s gifts of peace & nature, without distraction. I lovingly selected this venue for you to get a taste of what the next level really looks and feels like, because you deserve to claim the best. For more info about the venue, visit: http://www.napilikai.com/

The Rings of Saturn await...


Ignition and...Lift-off!