Writing letters, the beginning of a blog.

Last year, I had the pleasure of writing email letters to a group of math teachers who were all studying meditation with me. Their effort lit a fire under me - I had asked them to make a commitment to doing something everyday and decided to follow suit myself. I wrote them letters of inspiration and support, letters of love and remembrance, with guidance for practicing relentless joy.

That's the work, as I see it - joy is a muscle and we have to use it every day - relentlessly. These letters are seeds of joy. May they find the hearts in all of you, readers, and root well there.

Let's start this letter with a sweet ritual: imagine sitting in a circle with everyone in your life. Just for a moment, look around the circle at everyone as if their faces were flowers: unique, beautiful, opening, transforming, utterly incomparable. Let all judgment fall away and find what remains.

Lately everyone I know has been growing SO MUCH. They're dreaming and reaching and finding, expanding into fuller and fuller manifestations of themselves every moment, every day. It's super beautiful. If I'm not doing the same, if I'm not reaching for and claiming my own dreams, it can also leave me feeling a bit left behind, destitute in my stillness. Til I remember what we do for ourselves, we do for everyone - we trail blaze for each other, each of us in turn leading the way, collaborating in our co-creation of our world. Just in time, I read this from my dear wise friend: 

"Where my heart calls, there go I. Any sense of isolation in this endeavor will have to be dropped. We've all heard the new wisdom, 'Nothing happens in a vacuum.' None of us can build the world we know we're meant to build alone. By boldly claiming our unique gifts, direction and contribution, and celebrating the uniqueness of others, we begin to forge the new neural pathways of Oneness." - Marga Laube

That's it. We're doing it. Let's follow our hearts. Let's live our dreams. Let's love our lives. It is, after all, what we're here for.

Dousing you with love,