Anticipating Janmastami

Dear hearts, 

In anticipation of Janmastami (the celebration of Krishna's appearance on the earth), I learned a sweet new melody tonight and recorded it for you! I hope it tempts you all to join me and my dear family and friends this Sunday to chant it together. You can join in person in Brooklyn or online: find out more at

Here's a taste:

Every Sunday afternoon, when we chant this sanskrit mantra, we connect with our spiritual source, the origin of our yearning as human beings. We practice letting go, giving up our material pushing and pulling and we surrender to the spiritual aspect of ourselves. "Hare" is the cry of our hearts, the yearning of our souls, the deep longing for and devotion to love. "Krishna" and "Rama" are love itself, that source which we are always seeking to connect with more directly. The mantra acts as a bridge, connecting our material bodies and our spiritual hearts, raising the vibration of our mental activity and freeing our systems from fear and doubt.

Come join us for this ancient, epic, transcendental and superpower-increasing practice. Haribol!