The Small Dance

The Small Dance during the Global Underscore. City Life Wellness. Brooklyn 2011.

The Small Dance during the Global Underscore.
City Life Wellness. Brooklyn 2011.

Find a stillness in standing and let your eyes close. Relax your body. Feel the structure of your skeleton, feel the weight and mass of the rest of your body. Let your weight drape like cloth on your skeleton. Let your structure do all the work of keeping you upright.
Imagine your weight like liquid pouring through your body and pooling on the floor. Feel the lightness of your body as it empties, the heaviness of your feet as they fill.
Feel how gravity is drawing you towards the center of the earth, how you are always moving the same direction. Let yourself surrender to gravity, falling, free falling. Feel the earth rising up to meet you, catching you in your free fall, holding you, embracing you, supporting you. Always you are falling, always you are being held.
At the same time gravity is ever so gently drawing you towards outer space. So you are held suspended, neither so light that you float off the ground, nor so heavy that you make holes in the earth when you walk. You are balanced perfectly on the surface of the earth.
Dancing With Gravity.
What's the smallest movement you make as you dance this small dance with gravity, this foundation of all dancing? Can you make an even smaller movement?

When you're walking, when you're working, when you're hugging, loving, smiling, crying, writing, sleeping, bathing, laughing, serving - feel this dance with gravity, this connection to the unconditional force of nature, and let it take you deep into yourself, your body, your sense of belonging, your sense of embrace. Always, every moment, you are held, longed for, drawn in. Always, every moment,  you are falling, flying, free.