Mind your Mindset about Money, Part 2

In our last blog post, we went over a teaching from one of my amazing teachers , David Neagle. His three line model illustrates the stories that people create around money and why it is so difficult for people to break out of their wealth comfort zones. The Bottom Line is a person’s financial worst. The Top Line is a person’s financial best. The Middle Line is where most of us hover--our financial comfort zone.


When people come to me, it’s because they are interested in breaking through the Top Line. They want to increase the amount that they are earning and spending beyond where it is now, and for many, way beyond what they ever thought possible - and who can blame them? This Top Line can be very uncomfortable to break through. The Top line is just beyond what an individual thinks or expects would be possible to earn and use and feel good about. Your top line is the number that - if you earned it - would mean you were selfish, a sellout, greedy, or even evil. Your top line represents a particular amount of wealth that you deem unnecessary, politically incorrect, a betrayal of family and friends.

What stories did you learn about wealthy people? How did your parents speak about them?

Shame keeps us on the need line. We don’t want to be seen as living the stories of either the top or the bottom lines.

What would it be like if you broke your Bottom line, broke your Top line, and in fact, dismantled this whole internal money framework altogether? If you increased your urgency, enabling the process of manifesting money at higher and higher thresholds? So instead of money not showing up until you’re close to bankruptcy, it starts showing up when you only earn 10% more this January than last?

Wouldn’t you like to find out?