"Already Here," a New Anthem by Srikala

Jesse is excited about the new single from Srikala. Listen and you’ll understand why she sees it as her new theme song. Here is what Srikala has to say about it:

"The song entered my mind and heart when I was in Paris in Feb 2017. When it arrived, I was given a strong message from spirit that I didn't have to work too hard on how I would develop the song or what I would write. That the hardest part would be moving out of the way again and again and accept that this song is already amazing... even in its non physical state. The words, the beat, the emotions, the massive success of the song... it is "Already Here" and to let go of all my doubts, fears, and worries about who I needed to be or learn before I start. Just show up... and let the vibe send you."

What have you been reaching for that you can choose to experience as already here? What barriers could you cross with your art, your business, your spiritual well-being if you could let go of your doubts and just show up? How much more fun would you have in the process? “Already here” is the expression of all that Jesse teaches in musical form. Let this be the soundtrack to your life: stop working so hard. Show up fully, claiming who and what you truly are.

Everything that you want is already here.
Thank you so much, Sri, for all that you do in the world. This track is lifting our souls every single day.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/srikalamusic/already-here 
Learn more here: www.srikala.com