Give With Abundance


The holidays are known as a time when the world at large focuses on giving. This season, use this beautiful opportunity to engage by giving with sincerity and deep generosity - and use it to directly serve you and your work. Here are four tips that giving can help you on your road to prosperity:

  1. Practicing generosity is a practice of abundance. By giving - whether it’s your time, energy, gifts, or charity - you are sending the message to your system and to the universe that there is more than enough for everyone, so you can afford to give what you have. Every time you give this holiday season, let yourself experience the fullness of your life that allows you to share..

  2. Giving keeps you healthy and happy! It turns out this is a scientific fact (!) and studies have shown that people who are generous are also healthier and happier, overall. What to learn more? Check out this article on, entitled “Being Generous Really Does Make People Happier.” Give in a way that feels good to you - that’s what it’s for! Let yourself enjoy and relish in the delights of giving. This will also help you free other people and be truly generous in your giving...

  3. Giving creates space for more. Every time you give something away, you make room for even bigger things that the Universe is waiting to put in your hands. Giving and receiving go together, after all - let your giving open you up to all the gifts coming to you.

  4. Practice gratitude. The more you appreciate what you have, the more joyful EVERYTHING in your life will be. Keep your gratitude playing at the level of your giving, and your experience of the holidays will be peak this year!  

As you’re learning more about your own relationship to giving, here are a few additional notes to help you use this season to go deeper and learn more about your blind spots.

  • Giving is not an effective tool to feel more worthy. True generosity doesn’t come from a need to look good or gain approval of others.   
  • Generosity is ruined when it is used to indulge in codependent patterns. Watch out for moments when you find yourself giving because the other person needs you to, or because you want them to respond in kind.  
  • Giving isn’t obligatory. Gifts that come with obligation on either side are the worst kind of gifts. Blech. If you don’t want to give, don’t. Know that the option is there for you if you’d like, but only give if it feels genuine and fulfilling to you.

This season, give as a deep expression of your authentic love and sincere appreciation - and let all the people you love in your life have their own experience. Let your generosity be an offering of freedom for yourself and your loved ones, no strings attached. With the right mindset, generosity can be a tool to fuel your journey of love, abundance and prosperity. Give generously, when and how you truly desire to, and stay curious and conscious throughout the process.