A Monetary Odyssey via Instastory this month

About 10 years ago, I went to a Millionaire Mind workshop. It was a T Harv Eker project. I was a public school teacher in NYC at the time and I was meditating a lot - not really thinking too much about money but intrigued by what else might be possible. We spent a day jumping and shouting and getting pumped as we learned about money and how to really build a healthy relationship with it. I learned there that if you want to be wealthy, it's essential that you spend time with people who are wealthy and pay attention to how they make financial decisions. This concept really stuck with me.

I found this to be a good idea in general: to raise your own awareness of money and build a relationship with it, simply pay attention to how people spend (or don't spend) money. Study how people make decisions about money: how, where and on what do they spend it? How often? How do they feel while they're spending it? To borrow a concept from the brilliant David Neagle (my coach): Everybody is a spender. Not everyone feels good about spending, or feels like they have enough to spend, but everyone is spending money everyday. So there’s a lot of fodder for study!

These two inspirations prompted me to go public with my own personal relationship to money. For the remainder of February, I’m using Instastory on Instagram to post one thing I’m spending money on every day. I'll share what I'm spending my money on, why, and how I feel about it. My intention is to open up a conversation about money and help raise consciousness around the energy of money. I want to get you thinking about what you spend your money on, to celebrate and enjoy it and do it with even more consciousness.  

Let's talk about money, baby!

Maybe you’ll discover something about the way you’re thinking about money that you didn’t recognize before. Maybe you’ll realize there are opportunities you hadn’t seen previously - new choices, new responses. Maybe it’ll spark a conversation that can enable a welcome change. Who knows? I’m exhilarated at the possibilities!

Money is often a blindspot - especially for conscious practitioners. People avoid thinking about it, talking about it, or taking responsibility for their relationship to it. They hope it will work itself out...and it always does...just not always the way they would choose, had they given themselves the opportunity to do so. My mission is to support the tribe of spiritual and transformational leaders and entrepreneurs in thriving, so our whole community feels a sense of true financial freedom and abundance. In my experience, it is money that holds the key to our full spiritual maturity and our capacity to deeply impact the world.

Check it out here and get some inspiration to enjoy making money, feel powerful about spending it, and truly create the life that you want.