Unconditional Love

Here’s the quick summary of this post:
1. You are unconditionally loved. Period.
2. You choose whether to let it in that love or not - and it’s not a big deal either way.
3. When you think you’re not loved, you are.

But WTF does that mean IRL?!

Source is loving you all the time.
God is loving you all the time.
The Universe is fucking treasuring you, adoring you, head over heels in love with you and every cell of your body, every thought that goes through your mind, every feeling that goes through your heart.

Source is loving all of you, unconditionally, no matter what.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself from the outside. Find the part of you that puts a stopper on this veritable funnel of love that’s coming in to you from Source.

Let yourself tune to how you open and close your connection - like a lens cap on a camera that you put on or take off. It’s just the movement of the ego, the movement of our subconscious programming - no biggie.

heart hole cam.jpg

When you know that you are in charge of the lens cap, you get to consciously choose to let the love in or not, moment to moment to moment. It’s not right or wrong. It’s not a moral judgment, it’s a choice you have total power over.

Here’s a powerful practice to help you keep your lens cap off - and let the love in.

Let yourself ask what would it look like to let that love come in, to let that support come in, in every single moment of your life. Let yourself really experience it, taste this sweetness. It’s more than talking yourself into the idea of it - let yourself actually experience that everything - ev.er.y.thing - is love. Everything is an offering from Source to express love to you. Which means that every single thing in your life is happening Just. For. You.

Not to you.

What would be different in your life if you experienced that everything happened for your absolute highest good…. ALL OF THE TIME? What would be different if you knew you were being loved, even when you felt you weren’t being loved? What would it mean if you were loved when you felt sure you were distinctly UNloved?

Let’s go deeper into this. We’re not talking about forcing yourself to make something that you don’t like or desire have a positive spin. Don’t lie to yourself, don’t pretend, don’t ‘fake it til you make it.’

It’s deeper than that. It’s about sinking deep enough into the experience of unconditional love to really feel that you are loved, whether you are liking your life or not; to really feel that you are supported whether you are getting what you (think you) want or not. There is no condition on your receiving of love except your choice to take the lens cap off and let it in.


What do you really want to experience?
What triggers you to put your lens cap on and shut out the love?
What are the moments that you can lean more deeply into the faith that you are loved, worthy, cherished - infinitely and always?