Connecting to your Masculine Energy

Much of my work is about helping people integrate the different parts of themselves - intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Taking time to deeply connect to our masculine energy (which we all have, regardless of sex) is a way to cultivate direction, strength, leadership, purpose, and power. The following practice is designed to support you in connecting deeply with your masculine energy in a powerful and integrated way while still staying connected to the energy of support.

You don’t have to muscle your way through life, or force anything. That’s not what masculine energy is about.

Note: If you are in a male body, you can connect directly to this practice on a physical level. If you are in a female body, you can connect to your internal masculine and experiment with what that feels like for you.

Come into your body.
Take some time to stretch, or move, or sing, or whatever helps you come into meditation.

Find stillness from movement, find silence from sound.
Let the stillness and silence emerge from a place of desire.
If you don’t want to be calm and still and silent, that’s ok too.
If stillness and silence find you, let them feel really good, nourishing, really sweet.

From that place, wherever you are, let yourself sink deep inside of your awareness.
Relax your jaw. Relax your throat, opening energetically and physically.
Soften your heart, opening to receive.

Connect to your masculine energy, your cock energy.
Literally feel your genitals - feeling that strength, power, energy, and openness.
You can get soft there too, or you can really activate and engage.

You don’t have to go into your sexual energy - but do engage that part of you that is turned on, turned up, lit up from the inside.

Feel what’s authentic to you.
There’s no pressure here. It’s not like you can do this right or wrong. It’s about what feels good to you today and bringing your full bodied consciousness into this moment.

Let go of anything that you’re ready to let go of.

Claim and take in anything that you want for yourself today.

Connect to these three power points:
Your throat
Your heart
Your genitals

Give your attention to those three areas and find a sweet spot for yourself today in each zone.

Call in all of your guides, spirits and mentors to be here, present in this day. Call in the support to go as deep as you want to go today, to show up in your conversations and service today in the way that will serve your highest - and the highest of everyone that you encounter. Everyone you interact with. Feel this energetic support flanking you, supporting you - let yourself feel them on the physical, emotional, spiritual planes - so that you can let go in ways that you may have never let go before, so that you can shine your fullest, purest, devotional heart with total freedom, total sincerity, total love, total power.

Extend and expand your energy so you can feel how big a channel you are. Feel yourself stepping into your highest expression right now.

You’re being called forth.

And so are all the others reading this, doing their own practice.

Feel your heart, your whole core, vibrating at this very high level, supported so thoroughly, and being met by each other heart, each other core.

Inhale your own strength. Exhale your own deep relaxation into the support that’s here for you. Inhale into your own power, exhale into the infinite power that you’re channeling through you. You’re bringing in all of your fullness, all of your capacity, at the very same time that you are connecting the most deeply to the divine.

There’s no rush.
You can move and make sound again if that feels good to you, to come back to the surface. It’s up to you how you want to come back.

But stay connected to your Self. To your own power. To your own support systems.
As you plug in, with your eyes open, to the massive container that’s here for you today.