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Dancing with Gravity: Falling to Fly

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October 20 - November 17
25 First Ave, 2nd Floor

This Fall’s Dancing With Gravity workshop series, "Falling to Fly" will support your comfort, transformation and ecstasy as you become more alive in your body. Lean back, reach for support, find your balance and fall to catch the floor. Explore and expand your body’s deep intelligence through moving meditations, massage, weight sharing, partner and group exercises. Play and have fun as you find flexibility, grace and self-expression in your own body. 

:::All levels of experience welcome in every session:::

You will:

  • dance and move with more freedom, comfort, flexibility, ease and expressiveness in all contexts including “jamming” with a group

  • develop concrete improvisation skills for dancing with a partner, including contact improvisation

  • deepen listening and collaboration skills

  • have fun while releasing inhibitions

  • cultivate and nurture a dance practice that you can take with you anywhere 

"The prerequisites of creation are playfulness, love, concentration, practice, skill, using the power of limits, using the power of mistakes, risk, surrender, patience, courage and trust." 
- Stephen Nachmanovitch

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