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Coaching for New or Seasoned Retreat Leaders - Badass Shakti Warrioresses

  • Are you ready to uplevel your business and your income?
  • Do you crave the community of visionary women who use their gifts to elevate the world?
  • Have you been dreaming about expanding your business by leading transformational retreats?

Welcome, Women/Female-Identified Powerhouses! This unique group-coaching opportunity is for YOU: leaders and teachers who are ready to host a fully-realized, lucrative retreat in the next 8 months.

In this group, you will receive the structure and support you need to clarify your mission, take strategic action to build your business, and confidently leave our work together having lead an outstanding retreat. I'll help you develop your business acumen and money mindset, whether you’re just starting out in the world of mindful business owning or are already in business and want to maximize your financial and transformational results. During our time together, each group member will launch a retreat of her own - something unique, creative, highly effective...and profitable! But you won’t have to do it alone: a phalanx of spiritually centered females will flank and foster you on your journey to the top.  

This six-month experience will consist of:

  • Group coaching to bolster your business to be the success of your dreams
  • Training in pricing, sales and marketing to build your toolkit as an entrepreneur
  • A committed, intimate network of amazing and innovative female leaders to go along with you on the journey
  • The awareness of and encouragement to overcome obstacles that have slowed you down in your business
  • Concrete tools to create, plan and execute your transformational and highly profitable retreat
  • Three two-hour group calls per month on Google hangout
  • A private Facebook group and email

You don’t have to choose between being a woman and being a success. Banding together as women is a powerful enterprise: it inspires, nurtures and sustains us - and we reflect back to one another our own strength, capacity and expansiveness. 

We've got your back...come get ours.

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