How does it work?

Life coaching is deeply personal. As a result my work is highly customized to each client’s vision, desires and needs. I help visionary leaders and teachers take inspired and conscious action – and through that action, create new results. My clients and I work together to clarify their visions, and then develop strategies to make those visions into reality. In the process, they overcome the obstacles around money and mindset that have historically gotten in the way.  

I work with clients on all aspects of developing, producing, and leading their retreats. I organize my thinking about this into three stages: Creation, Planning and Execution. I then customize my work with clients by focusing on the areas where they need support.

1. Creation

Clarity of vision and purpose for your retreat is the first step to creating something impactful, sustainable, and transformative for your participants. What are you offering? What makes it valuable to others? Who do you want to work with and why? What is your deep soul’s purpose in leading retreats? What is your vision for your retreat and how does it inform the big vision for your life?
My job is to both coach and consult as you answer these questions to create your retreat.

2. Planning

Designing your curriculum, choosing the right venue, creating an effective marketing plan, developing a budget and navigating all the practicalities of producing a retreat can be overwhelming. What is your end goal for your participants and what are the experiences you will facilitate to produce that result? Where will participants sleep? What will you charge?
As your coach, all of my expertise and years of experience are yours as you plan the specifics of your retreat.

3. Execution

Facilitating group dynamics, building community, setting boundaries and being a confident and flexible facilitator are skills that can be learned and practiced. What are your strengths as a leader? What are your challenges? How can you take your participants even deeper so they are ready to sign up for your next retreat as soon as you announce it? How do you support yourself and stay healthy while you work?

I will be your coach as you prepare the fullest expression of yourself: the tremendous leader and facilitator you are here to be.   

Who are my clients?

  • You are exceptional, inspired and inspiring.

  • You want to serve the world and make a difference in people’s lives.

  • You are committed to and excited about living your dream now. You are ready to take action to live that dream.

  • You want to earn more income supporting others’ transformation.

  • You are ready to invest in yourself and the coaching process.