Are you ready to up-level your business and your income?
Do you already make money doing what you love, but are just making ends meet financially?
Do you feel it’s time for you to claim the next level of your success?

Calling healers, spiritual teachers,
coaches and artists!


If you know that you are meant to support people in their transformation AND you long to live a life of ease and abundance at the same time, you are not alone. The program launches with five live, virtual training sessions and culminates in an in person intensive in the extraordinary Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts!

This program is designed to support coaches, healers, and spiritual guides in forging a pathway to prosperity. Your calling does not mean a life of perpetual poverty, necessitating mediocre “day” jobs to support your true passion. Challenge and then eradicate those beliefs to pave the way for financial and creative abundance. If you’re ready to step into being an entrepreneur and want to learn how to achieve your greatest success, then this program was made for YOU.

If you want more money doing what you feel deeply called to do,
join Jesse for this powerful virtual program designed to change your life.

Intrigued? Here’s a little more about what you can expect from the experience:

In the Virtual Program:

  • Five key steps to master your money mindset. and bring in the money you long for through the lens of transformation and consciousness.
  • Five 45 minute live calls to give you the guidance and tools to master your money mindset and be able to bring in the money you want, when you want it.
  • Fun and powerful exercises, meditations and spiritual practices to help you eradicate your fear and doubt.

On the Retreat:

  • Five days of intensive retreat to integrate these teachings fully into your body and life.
  • Intensive coaching to crystallize your personal mission and identity as a transformational leader AND entrepreneur.
  • Clarity to see the blocks that have kept you from playing at the level you truly want.
  • Exquisite food to nourish your body.
  • A beautiful natural environment and work spaces.
  • The best wood fired sauna in the country (IMHO).

November 9-13 Intensive Retreat in the Berkshire Mountains. 
PLUS 5 Live Calls on September 7, 21, October 5, 19, November 2

Ready to learn more?
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I have quadrupled my income and I’m about to do it again! My job is awesome and I’m living my dreams with so much depth! I’m always glad I said YES. When I met Jesse, there was no way I would fly or afford first class. Now I won’t even look at a ticket without it being first class. I will never fly coach again.
— Colynn Vosburgh,
Ever since I have known Jesse, I have been both fully loved and powerfully challenged. I said, “YES” to change and growth and the doors swung open for me and said, “YES” right back! I am now engaged to my beloved, I led a retreat for my business, and continue to grow. By saying yes to something new and out of my comfort zone, I changed my life. Jesse helped me have a better relationship with money so that I can receive it freely and with love. She helped me see my blockages and what was stopping me when I wasn’t seeing it. She has a strong belief in me and helped me believe in myself and feel worthy. Jesse has a beautiful way of holding you, supporting you and pushing you to your edges. She meets you where you are while also pushing you past your limits so that you can achieve your dreams, your passions, and make it your reality. Thank you, Jesse!!!
— Rachael Singer,
We want to attain fearlessness in our businesses and in our lives. And Jesse is our guru in this. Jesse opened a window for me to see what was possible. Because of her conviction, I was able to say YES and really go for it. Today, I just made $2500 in sales at my first major event and got invited to another one on the spot! Jesse - I have learned so many things from you AND made killer sales as a result!!! Thank you for shining your light into my life.
— Om Rishikesh,
The things that I have changed and accomplished in my life in the last five months of working with Jesse have been mind-blowing. It’s making me want to cry, it’s insane the things that I have created with her help.
— Meridee Hlokoff,