How to Get More Comfortable Dealing with Money

A few years ago, I was a high school math teacher – so I know that numbers are truly traumatic for most people.

And that’s without even bringing money into the proverbial equation.

So many of us struggle to feel at ease with numbers and money – and I’m absolutely dedicated to helping people get truly free and empowered around BOTH.

Here are four concrete steps you can take that will get you more comfortable – and eventually ecstatic, like I am – about working with money.

  1. Create joyful rituals around looking at money. It’s a powerful and a radical thing to really look at the truth of what you’re doing with money. In my work as a mindset and success coach – and the CEO of my own company – I see every day that our financial reality is actually a mirror reflection of all the other aspects of our lives. How we do anything is how we do everything, so bring your curiosity and compassion to yourself as you examine your relationship with money – and improve your whole life.

  2. Tap into your potential to make more money. One of the biggest challenges I have overcome in the last few years was my middle-class mindset and value system. When I started my business, I didn’t even know how limited my vision was. It never occurred to me to become an entrepreneur, start my own business, become a master of sales – I didn’t even sell girl scout cookies before doing this! I was used to punching the clock, trading time for money, and working as hard as I could to prove my goodness in the world. I had real blinders on and it prevented me from seeing the opportunities all around me. When I made the decision to hire a coach, what I was really choosing was an investment in myself. I finally saw what I was really capable of – which was WAY more than anything I had considered before.

  3. Preplan to protect against self-sabotage. Once you get deeply in touch with your finances and potential, you will be tempted to return to your old habits. Help yourself handle this inevitable challenge by getting reflective and concrete: What are your triggers? How will you do it differently this time? Anticipate what will tempt you to sabotage your new financial plans, and decide in advance how you’re going to handle it. This is also an amazing way to build trust – and a better relationship – with yourself.

  4. Get visionary. It’s essential that you understand how much you need to live the life you want, and so I recommend creating a visionary budget. This is NOT a traditional budget – it’s much more fun! When you create a traditional budget, you work with the amount of money that you are used to bringing in and calculate your spending around that. A visionary budget allows you to get playful, decide what wealth means to you, and name what you REALLY want to spend money on. From there, the math is simple – you can easily determine how many clients you need to bring in and what you need to charge in order to reach your goal. This exercise will encourage you to think and dream much bigger – and motivate you to go out and make it happen.

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