Money vs. Impact – YOU Decide

“God wants those who can play music to have pianos and every other instrument, and to have the means to cultivate their talents to the fullest extent; He wants those who can appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves with beautiful things; He wants those who can discern truth to have every opportunity to travel and observe; He wants those who can appreciate dress to be beautifully clothed, and those who can appreciate good food to be luxuriously fed.”

– Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

Sit with this passage for a minute and really think about what it means. What comes up for you?

Wallace Wattles was an early 20th century American author and his books are some of my personal favorites. His best known work, The Science of Getting Rich, is still one of the very best studies in wealth creation and explains why wealth is not only valuable, but necessary for a truly full life.

I recently shared this Wattles quote on Facebook, and one of the questions that came up in the comments thread was: “Why is being rich desirable?”

One person responded, “To me, being rich in and of itself isn’t [desirable]. But making a huge difference for people and providing lots of value for society is, and money is simply a measure of that in reality.”

In other words: it’s all about impact.

It’s not about the money.

But if you don’t have the money piece in place, your impact is going to be limited.


And mastery over money?

I can say from experience that it feels pretty damn empowering.

Think about it this way:

Before the industrial revolution, people had the skill sets to hunt, gather, or grow their own food. They knew how to find or build a new shelter to live in if last one was swept away. They might not have enjoyed the challenge, but they had the skill sets to handle it – which made them resilient, free, and empowered in a way most people simply aren’t taught to be in current times.

These days, most people know that they need money to survive – but feel beholden to an employer or a financial system they do not understand or know how to work with. However empowered they are in their lives, if they don’t feel powerful with money, they feel like a victim in this most basic area of their day to day experience.

Making, spending, and saving money are all skill sets – just like math, music, or meditation. And money mastery leads to financial freedom – and that is what I teach. Financial freedom isn’t a number – it’s the deep and certain knowing that you can always make the money you want and need, whenever you want and need it.

We can’t escape the need for money – at that most basic level, it’s what keeps us fed and housed and clothed. Money is a resource, like energy, and we get to use it how we choose – with whatever consciousness or purpose we desire.

Do you have resistance to being rich? If so, why do you have that resistance? Is it from cultural conditioning, family messaging, shame, etc? Feel into this and what comes up for you. Get visionary about how being rich would allow you to really live your purpose and be of service to the world.

Want to learn more about what financial freedom means for you? Tune in here.

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