What It Means to Be Successful in Business

I was recently asked to weigh in as an expert on the definition of true success – and here’s what I shared with them: Success is a very personal word, and it means something different to everyone. In fact, I think the first feature of success is that YOU are the one who defines it. No one else’s opinion matters.

Every month in my group program, The Success Sessions, I invite a guest to join us. They are millionaire business owners, advisors to Oprah, PR mavens, relationship gurus, and powerful spiritual teachers. Each is an expert in their field, and powerful in (seemingly) every aspect of their lives.

When we begin, the first question I ask them is, “What did success mean to you as a child – and how were you wrong?” I go on to ask them to share their current definition of success – and it’s fascinating.

Why? Because each of their perspectives are different. Complimentary, rarely conflicting – but unique. And, of course, I like to take a bit of each perspective to create my own. I get something from each of them, a new lens of my own freedom, a new perspective to expand my own framework. For some, it’s about connection. For others, creative expression. For many, impact. I have yet to meet someone for who money is the sole measure of success – and it’s part of the conversation for everyone.

For me, success does mean having financial freedom – the mastery to create the money I want and need, no matter what. It means living in alignment with my vision and mission – being in the truth of who I am and letting my business reflect that. It means having a positive impact on people and the planet. It means taking time for my personal health, and having balance and joy in the work I do – without sacrifice or martyrdom.

When I was a math teacher in New York City public schools, I felt frustrated and unsatisfied because I wasn’t experiencing the kind of impact, freedom, or fulfillment that I longed for. I wasn’t significantly dismantling the cycle of poverty, I wasn’t significantly changing what it meant to go to school, I wasn’t significantly reducing the trauma that students experience in math classrooms every day. On a personal level, I saw my impact – but the system wasn’t changing. And for me, that wasn’t enough.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I serve powerful and inspiring leaders and visionaries every day. I watch them add a 0 to their monthly income, learn what they’re truly capable of, build sustainable, impact-driven businesses, grow beyond their limited beliefs, and truly enjoy their lives. I witness my clients learn to create true financial freedom, live their vision, and help their loved ones and communities to do the same.

Have you reached the peak of what you’d consider to be success? If you’re still climbing, I invite you to join us in The Success Sessions where you can continue your journey.

Find our more about The Success Sessions mastermind group here!

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