What is Most Personal is Most Universal: The Success Sessions with Rukmini Poddar

The people I invite to come and talk with me on The Success Sessions are always people who have directly influenced my success, my wealth, my joy, and my abundance — and Rukmini Poddar is definitely one of those people! I love diving deep into the world of art and emotion that she creates. 

Rukmini is an incredible artist, designer, and illustrator living in NYC. Her creative passion lies at the intersection of emotional wellness and creative storytelling. She works as a designer during the day, and spends her nights drawing other people’s emotions (and her own). 

She is also a self-proclaimed #100dayproject artist and author of the book, 100 Obscure Emotions. She started an illustrated advice column, “Dear Ruksi”, where she encourages everyone to anonymously submit their emotions to her so she can draw them. She focuses on creating art that inspires thoughtfulness, introspection, and emotional wellbeing.

Rukmini believes what is most personal is most universal. The sooner we realize how alike we are, the more we can create a culture of empathy and personalism. 

This is a beautiful and inspiring conversation you won’t want to miss!

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