Vulnerability is Power

I don’t think getting triggered is a bad thing. In fact, I often say the trigger is a gift. It brings light to hidden information. 

This might sound insensitive to some of you. I promise, it’s not. Because in my work with my clients, I am fully trauma aware. I know that doing the work – around money, sales, visibility, all of it – calls on us to work through our traumas. When we are supported through the trigger, and loving space is held, it brings us to the next breakthrough. We practice loving ALL the parts. Then whatever is underneath the trigger can be integrated into wholeness. 

I’m sharing a story with you today of a time I was SUPER triggered and how I worked it through. It’s the “Behind the Scenes” video of my Expert Speaker talk, one of the biggest stages I’ve been invited to share.  My topic was: Millionaires aren’t imaginary. They’re made. 

It wasn’t a polished beautiful performance. I had a total meltdown and freak out just beforehand, and a disastrous rehearsal. I was sure this was too big for me. What the f*ck was I thinking?? But I filmed myself in that moment of ultimate vulnerability, because I wanted to share what the experience was like. You’ll see me in the moment of the freak out (real raw footage) and then I’ll share a bit on how my takeaways might apply to you and your business.

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