Imagine With Us 

A year of wisdom and support so impeccable that you renounce your comfort zone, fall at the feet of God, and surrender to the Truth of all that is here for you. A year of such profound guidance and loving community that you can take your life on FULLY… and finally claim the truth of what you came here to do. All in the name of loving service. 

A year that begins with the most powerful spiritual experience possible – cracking open your heart, perfecting the vision of your life – and then continues to unfold the gifts of the divine, in a process of deep integration, every single day

If someone offered you something that epic… would you say YES? 

Well, we’re offering. 

And if you are among the chosen ones… for whom this journey is meant to be… at the very moment of your deepest soul’s request

Are You Ready for a Deep, Personal Development for Your Mind, Soul & Business?

Fulfill Your 2020 Vision With Us

Deep spiritual work is the “secret ingredient” behind so many powerful forces in our world today...

and it’s not just the Dalai Lama diving deep with spiritual technology….

It’s also the CEO of the uber-successful Salesforce. It’s NY Times bestselling authors and consciousness experts Michael Singer and Paul Selig. It’s internet personality Jay Shetty. It’s presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. It’s our beloved and inspiring Oprah Winfrey.

And it’s 7-figure entrepreneurs like Jesse Johnson. 

There is a special sauce that comes to folks when they have a deeper spiritual access point. This program is designed to give you that access – and change your life forever.  

We will be exploring ancient spiritual technologies through a contemporary lens, including an emphasis on entrepreneurship and money.

How different would your business be if you were totally confident, full of faith, and knew how to use every challenge to go deeper into connection with God? 

What would it be like to have God as your CEO? To be able to hear the guidance of the divine directly in your business?

You may not be enlightened – but it just might look that way to everyone else.

Experience and logistics

So much of this program will happen IN PERSON. It’s a rare and incredibly valuable opportunity. There are plenty of pilgrimages out there, and many a mastermind… THIS is something else entirely.  

2020 Vision is an integrated approach to total transformation the deepest, most clarifying year of your life.  

What’s included: 

  • The epic 3-week pilgrimage to India: January 21 – February 9, 2020.
  • Three mastermind intensives in Los Angeles, CA. These in person, two day retreats will be held in May, August, and November 2020. 
  • Two online calls in December 2019 to set the stage for your 20/20 Vision and get you fully prepared for India.
  • A strong, connected community and “buddy system” for accountability and support. 
  • Ongoing Whatsapp group chat throughout the year.  

The journey begins in India. Our blessed time together here, the bonds we forge in these weeks, the work we do individually and together…  this is the foundation of our entire year. 

India will crack your heart open again and again, teaching you – moment to moment – how to surrender, how to receive, how to have faith. It’s here that you’ll do your deepest transformational work… on a permanently life-altering spiritual adventure. 

You’ll need to get yourself there – and once you are there, the retreat is all-inclusive. In other words – WE GOT YOU! Accommodations, food, local travel inside India are all covered and arranged, so you can sink fully into your experience. 

  • Together we will travel to some of India’s most sacred and beautiful sites. 
  • We’ll experience vibrant festivals, overflowing with life… 
  • Share and enjoy our prosperity at bustling markets.. 
  • Relax and renew our spirits at glorious beaches… 
  • Live into the culture in fast-moving cities, and of course… 
  • Engage in the deepest of spiritual practices as we visit the sacred Temples, informed by thousands of years of history, culture, and beautiful ancient wisdom.

Clarity Shows Up Through Three Lenses

A life of devotion – day by day, breath by breath – means experiencing a tangible relationship with God, communicating
directly with the divine.

It means putting God on your board of directors, hearing her explicit guidance in your heart, feeling his hand holding yours as you traverse the challenges and joys of your life. Imagine increasing your contact with God by a factor of 20, exponentially expanding the frequency, clarity, and intensity of your knowing of divinity, your alignment with your soul’s purpose, and your experience of love in each and every moment of your life.

Service – and the impact that comes from helping one another – is what we all came here to do.

As high level spiritual entrepreneurs and influencers, you are among the select few whose impact is meant to reach far and wide, as well as deep. You’re here to speak to the hearts of thousands, taking them deeper into their own personal development than they’ve ever gone. Your reach is growing, and your devotion – the literal channeling of God – will open up the pathways to this larger audience.

As you increase your devotion and your impact, your prosperity cannot HELP but increase.

We are holding the container for you to grow your revenue by 20x in 2020… for exponential increase in all areas of your life. Because the truth is that your spiritual growth is directly connected to how much you can serve (impact) along with how much you can receive (prosperity) – and that includes money. Are you serious about your 7-figure vision – and beyond? 


Srikala Kerel Roach 

SriKala is an international Hip-Hop Emcee, Poet, singer, DJ, producer, and percussionist. A devotee for life, Srikala walks a path of impeccable devotion. Walking the path of self realization for 17 years, he lives and expresses his relationship to God directly, through music. SriKala combines original production with live vocals and percussion to move the dance floor through the sounds of hip hop, reggae, dub, world beats, and sacred mantras.  

Jesse Johnson 

Jesse is the CEO and Founder of Jesse Johnson Coaching, Inc., a 7-figure personal development company helping ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs live their purpose, make a huge impact, and increase their revenue–fast! Forever motivated by the deep desire for connection, impact, and service, Jesse helps her clients – master coaches, spiritual teachers, and healers – realize their unique potential for profit, impact, and freedom. Jesse teaches sales as a spiritual practice, entrepreneurship as service, and transformation as an expression of love – all with clarity, ease, and efficiency.


This program is only for the chosen few. 

Your own deep desire will tell you if it’s you… and if it is… there will simply be no question in your heart. So… are you tuned in to the music of your own wisdom? The answers to these questions will help you uncover it. 

  • Are you strongly called to the ancient wisdom of Mother India, and the depths of spiritual devotion? 
  • Do you feel a genuine connection and resonance with us – our work – our divine relationship… and a powerful desire to go much, much deeper together?  
  • Are you hungry for a spiritual community that will support you completely in your deepening devotion, world-changing impact, and total prosperity? 
  • Do you long to hone your visioning capacity – and then go much further, by perfecting the ability to trust your vision and take action to make it real?   
  • Are you ready to be guided by those who have walked the path… who know that the key to real, lasting success is total surrender to God

“Our work was the best part of my year”

From the moment we sat down in the beginning in Paris… I have come so far. From screaming with lightning storms in my head, not feeling like I could say anything into a mic at all, that I had nothing, that what I had to say wasn’t worthwhile. Now I feel much more confident in my own expression, much stronger in my belief in my art and my expression. I’ve gotten tremendous value out of this work. When we began, I knew it was time to play the fool card and step into the unknown. Our work was the best part of my year.


“Working with Srikala unlocked a lot with in me, and gave me so much value” 

my access my own unblocked soul increased and I have started writing more what I truly feel. It was really powerful. What Srikala offers is real, powerful, and an amazing experience. Say yes!

Keli Marks