Meet the Jesse Johnson Coaching team

Founded by Jesse Johnson, a 7-figure success and mindset coach, Jesse Johnson Coaching is dedicated to helping ambitious and soulful entrepreneurs live out their purpose, make an impact and increase their revenue with clarity, ease and efficiency.


Founder | COACH

Jesse is going to teach you the exact tools and strategies you need to create the impact, money, and lifestyle of your dreams. Her gift lies in her ability to help you see your potential for more profit, purpose, and freedom. It’s a gift that has not only allowed her to build her own multi-million dollar company from scratch (in only 24 months), but also support her clients as they do the same.

Her clientele are high performing, passionate business owners who understand they have something of great value and worth to bring into the world.  And … even successful entrepreneurs can fail to see the vision of what else is possible for them—growing a bigger following, having mastery over their finances, and making a greater impact.

>Here’s the truth: Your potential can be fully revealed AND fulfilled. It’s time to experience TRUE FREEDOM and create the fullness of your vision for yourself and the world!

“How This Teacher Left The Classroom And Built A 7-Figure Coaching Business”

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Sri Kala is a songwriter, musician, and coach with a deep connection to sound vibration, using mantra music meditation and frequency to transmit his unique quantum healing. His specialty is serving the most masterful of spiritual teachers, visionaries, and creatives – those who don’t usually get challenged.

He is uniquely powerful at serving these self-aware beings in softening the tiny spaces where they still hold tension, infusing love in the small pockets they still avoid, and opening more deeply in their bodies than they’ve ever done before. In addition to Sri Kala’s mastery in sound and music, he brings a deep understanding of breathwork, reiki, reconnective healing, qigong, human design, astral travel, the Law of Attraction and other sciences and modalities into his service. With nearly twenty years of practice and study, Sri Kala has mastered a rare capacity to hear and feel energy frequencies on the subtle platform and recreate them with his voice to promote healing for the mind and body. Sri Kala performs to crowds all over the world and regularly tours in Europe, Guatemala, India and his country of birth USA.

Srikala’s desire for you is for you to know, deeply, that you are already a masterpiece on earth and there is so much more that you’re ready to express.


Virtual Assistant

Sarah Horsford is a virtual assistant that has a keen eye for detail and passion for making clients feel served and heard.

She has been working with Jesse Johnson Coaching since 2019 and can be found in the inbox serving clients on a daily basis.

Sarah has a background in marketing and project management, before moving on to support business owners on her terms in a way that feels best for her. She does executive assisting, virtual and in person retreat planning, customer support and all other things logistics.


Digital Technologist

At her core, Britney is an introvert who thrives behind the scenes, skillfully weaving various elements together like a finely crafted web. With over 5 years of mastery, she excels in technology, automation, implementation, and system integration, making magic happen.

Britney embarked on her journey with Jesse Johnson Coaching in 2019 and has remained a vital part of core operations in marketing, technology, and program development ever since.



We are led by vision and choose expansion by leveraging our innovation and creativity. 


We take 100% personal responsibility for our mindset, actions & outcomes; this is the source of our empowerment. Every experience is an opportunity for growth; we use everything to go deeper.

We value SURPLUS

We create an abundance of time, energy, support, money, and resources. We believe that generosity is the foundation of wealth. 


We embody this through radical honesty, personal authenticity, and impeccable communication. We are ambitious in our vision and in our results, and we live our word.

We value GOD

Everything we do is devotional service, an expression of our faith and our connection to the divine.


We respect and serve all expressions & identities and believe that freedom and wealth are possible for all.