For the entrepreneur who is ready to learn to sell in alignment with their vision, values, and mechanics – and to experience sales as a spiritual practice. Authentically. In service. With joy and ease.

This immersive six month group container and sales school is designed to help you generate the income you desire, at the pace you desire, in integrity with all parts of you and all parts of your ideal client. You can have the business that you want – and you can have it now.

I want to fall in love with sales

My most intimate and powerful container. Six – twelve months of personalized, in-depth, high-end coaching, just you and me.
If you want it, you will create the business of your wildest dreams, gain the skill to bring in as much money as you want and need (whenever you want and need it) and transform every area of your life to align with massive expansion. 

I want support and satisfaction


A precisely structured approach to the exact 6-step process I used to build my soul-based business from scratch.

Within two years, I had transitioned from public school math educator to 7-figure entrepreneur. Hear the story of how I did it, and take a deep dive into the process itself. With an individual teaching video devoted to each step, you’ll learn the concrete tools and actions to take – alongside your spiritual mindset framework for success. 

Your relationship with MONEY is rife with opportunities for healing and expansion. Let. It. In.
Your MINDSET is receptive to more possibility, more permission, and more support. Let it open wide.
Your MEDITATION practice is ready to touch every single aspect of your life and business. Let your practice deepen, let it’s reach expand.
Embrace Your Wealth

Ready to launch the biz of your dreams but don’t know where to start? Everything you need is in here! My top exponential business growth programs PLUS a brand-new exclusive sales training.

Each training is a fully interactive experience and includes comprehensive video teachings plus a workbook – so you can apply the teachings directly to your business!