If you have an ENTREPRENEURIAL audience in need of mindset tools around sales
and/or clarity around their money vision, I’m the perfect fit for your audience. 
Get a taste of what I’m about:

Discover your innermost desires!

“Jesse is amazing. She gives a wealth of information about personal responsibility, creation, vision, strategies, and money. Not only did I learn about money, I’ve learned more about myself and my innermost desires in two days than I have in a long time. I can’t wait to unpack more!”

Jennifer Lozier

New awareness, ideas, and excitement.

“Jesse is brilliant and masterful at what she does. She efficiently and concisely calls out your bullshit, finding connections and patterns that are hiding and bringing them to light with ease and love. You will leave your interaction with Jesse with new awarenesses, ideas, and excitement. She’s worth the money.”

Becca Kunce

after epiphany

Jesse’s “Mastering the Business Blueprint LIVE!” seminar was powerful! Throughout the seminar, we witnessed her masterful coaching with participants…

she gracefully, powerfully, and intuitively walked them through their darkness, and like magic, helped them to get to an empowered place.”

Vanessa Alfaro


Sales Mastery – YOUR Way

If your audience is SELLING in any capacity, this talk will change their life. I talk about overcoming the fear of NO, and share the sales secrets my clients use to double their income in weeks.

Three Culprits that Get in the Way of Making Your Vision Real

The perfect, 18-minute talk for your entrepreneurial conference – introducing mindset tools to bring your audiences’ financial vision to REALITY.

Improvement Science and Reflection Tools for Entrepreneurs

Let a former math teacher show your audience how to study the evidence in their business, and FAIL FAST their way to better sales, better programs and better client results.

Integrating Money and Spirituality

In this talk, I show your audience how to use their money triggers to raise their consciousness and embrace their desire as a direct pathway to God.

From NYC Math Classroom to 7 Figure CEO (You Can Do Anything!)

The story of how I went from math teacher – struggling in a paradigm of NEVER ENOUGH – to creating a 7-figure coaching business within 24 months based on the principles of ease and abundance.

Money Mindset for Young People

I help young adults put into words WHAT THEY WANT – number crunch their dream, and put a mindset strategy in place – so they can make their vision a REALITY. Lack of engagement: SOLVED!