Discover what our clients have to say about Jesse, and why you can also make more money AND live out your purpose!

“No More Inconsistency!”

“Jesse’s ability to zero in on an individual and say exactly what they need to hear for their transformation is unparalleled. Since Jesse has multiple areas of expertise – mathematics, logic, spirituality, communication – she resonates with a wide audience. Her power lies in her ability to combine practical knowledge and energetic wisdom.”
– Sharon Brock

“New awareness, ideas, and excitement”

“Jesse is brilliant and masterful at what she does. She efficiently and concisely calls out your bullshit, finding connections and patterns that are hiding and bringing them to light with ease and love. You will leave your interaction with Jesse with new awarenesses, ideas, and excitement. She’s worth the money.”
– Becca Kunce

“ Discover your innermost desires!”

“Jesse is amazing. She gives a wealth of information about personal responsibility, creation, vision, strategies, and money. Not only did I learn about money, I’ve learned more about myself and my innermost desires in two days than I have in a long time. I can’t wait to unpack more!”
– Jennifer Lozier

“ Grateful, inspired, fuelled”

“Jesse’s weekend intensive was well worth the investment for me. I feel so grateful, inspired, and fuelled to take the next steps I need – inside and out – to create my money and life vision.”
– Emily Sussell

“ Jesse is the real deal. She’s no fucking joke”

“I have learned so much in our work together! I’ve learned how to get crystal clear on who my clients are, my offerings, and my prices; how to make sales calls; how to take personal responsibility for my actions and get out of being a victim and blaming; how to end codependency; how to change my self-limiting beliefs and believe in my higher purpose on this planet; and, to know that I am a master at what I do, am more than enough, and that what I have to offer is worth every dollar amount and more. I have unwavering faith about who I am, why I’m here, and how I serve!”
– Vanessa Alfaro 

“ A call to Jesse will change your life”

“I felt that it might be important to connect with Jesse, after an acquaintance suggested that I do so. It was during our 1:1 VIP session that she helped me to realize a whole new business path and the means and motivation to make it work. Since then, I have created this business as a transformational coach and teacher and have both greatly increased my income in 2019, and opened the door in 2020 to doubling that income. A call to Jesse will change your life. She has the gifts and the motivation to bring you to a path that will turbocharge your business life, and she has the heart to make it fun.”

“It has helped my business so much”

I have to express my gratitude to Jesse for creating a space that has to do with spirituality and God and money in a way that I could relate to. I have never ever found one. And just the fact that you never even used buzzwords like manifestation is the coolest thing to me.

I’ve looked long and hard for a program that talked about money, that didn’t feel like it was devoid of depth, of devotion, and true inner work. It’s just not that common anywhere in the world, but things only work for me when there is a depth to what’s going on. It has helped my business so much, mostly by creating a deeper sense of ease that really works for me, this sense of being aligned with what I’m here to do.

Adriana Rizzolo / Embodiment Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Sex Educator

“From 20k per year to 20K in first month working with Jesse”

I went from 20k per year working really hard, running all over the world… In the first month of hiring Jesse I had a 20k month.

I’ve made approximately 150k in the past year, working a handful of hours per week as a spiritual teacher with clients I love. When I signed the contract with Jesse, I had not a third of that amount to my name.

And i made that amount and paid in full within 6 weeks – 30k. Voluntarily choosing to step outside your comfort zone – knowing it’s there – you feel that tap. As soon as you choose it – it happens it’s yours.

Madhuri Pura Dasa / Spiritual Health and Wellness Coach

“No More Inconsistency!”

When I see sales in my calendar now it fills me up with so much love: love for the people I get to have these conversations with, love for the work I do, and love for the results my clients get. 

In just a few months of working with Jesse, I went from $100,000 in my business in six months to consistently making at least $60,000 every month. I’ve added one on one coaching to my current offerings to hold bigger containers of transformation and most impactful of all, I don’t worry about money anymore, and feel in complete alignment with my gifts as an Energy Coach and Channel

Avalon Starlight / Business Energy Coach

“From a yearly net profit of $8,000 to consistent $20k months!”

 When I started working with Jesse, I was bringing in less than $2,000 a month – my net profit that year was $8,000! I was definitely in a poverty paradigm. I didn’t know how to execute bigger sales, I had inner confidence issues, and a deeply ingrained negative mindset around money.

One of the biggest breakthroughs was when she asked me, “How would it feel if you make $10,000 from this project?” and my entire mind just shattered. I had no idea that was a possibility for my level of experience. This month I brought in $24,000. How it feels? Empowering. NORMAL! It’s meant to be this easy.

Alex Ryberg / Spiritual Teacher, Yogini & Transformational Coach

“I have closed my biggest coaching sales ever (21K!!)”

I was overworked, over giving and sick with three autoimmune diseases. I was paying everyone before myself. I thought I had to choose between wealth, health, passion and service – and I couldn’t allow myself to be truly supported.  
Two months into my private coaching with Jesse, I have closed my biggest coaching sales ever (21K!!) I’ve more than doubled my prices and condensed my scope. I feel liberated – time and money feel much more expansive. 

Amina AlTai / Holistic Leadership Trainer and Coach

IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT. My clients are no different from you. If their “before” stories resonate, their success is available to you too. Let me help you bring your service, gift and purpose to those who are hungry for it.

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