What it’s Like to Work With Me

My message today is really simple. 

There are only three areas of focus for anything you want to create. 

Therefore, there are three buckets of work I do when I coach any of my clients:

  • Vision
  • Strategy 
  • Mindset 

All of these things are happening all the time, but Vision is first in the order because without a vision, there’s nothing to coach about. Most of the people I work with have big beautiful visions, much bigger than they’re allowing themselves to see. Often, you need support to let yourself really go for it… and then to refine it…and then to stay with it. This support around vision is a piece of the work I do. 

Then there’s strategy. Action. What are you gonna do to make your vision real? This is what most people think they’re hiring me for, but it’s 5% of the work. It’s actually tiny. And if you try to figure this part out before you have your vision clear, you’ll just f*$k everything up. (I say more about why this is true in the video, and why the strategy for going 6 or 7-figures big is different than anything you’ve done before.)

And that brings us to the third bucket. MINDSET. The way I think about mindset is that we deal with it responsively. As it comes up, then we know what your mindset curriculum needs to be and we work with that as you go. The mindset work is probably 80% of the coaching. It is the part that takes us into our edges – and living on our edge can be pretty terrifying. That’s where having a coach is so powerfully supportive. 

Everything in transformational coaching falls into these three categories!!  For the full transmission on all three buckets and what it’s like to work with me, check out this video. 

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