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Prioritizing Happiness with Ken Blackman

This week on my new podcast (yay!) The Way of Wealth with Jesse Johnson…  Ken Blackman is not only a friend, but has been a very important coach in my life and I’m so thrilled to introduce him to you. During our conversation, Ken shares a powerful lesson about the dangers of trying to take the reins and force things to happen in your life. He has a deep understanding that the universe desires to […]

An Intimate Relationship with God

“Every bead, every chant, every verse got me closer to God, and closer to that space inside of me.”  –Kate LaBrosse  I’m loving sharing the gift of India this week… by gifting you stories of deep transformation that happened for my clients on our pilgrimage this year. In this video, the beautiful Kate LaBrosse talks about her journey of claiming the desire for more… and falling more deeply in love with God, herself, and her […]

Practice Gratitude, Choose Life

A year and a half ago, I was waking up every day unhappy. Waking up every day worried. Waking up every day with a sense of low-grade anxiety. It didn’t make any sense to me – I thought, wasn’t I living in my dream home, married to my dream husband, and working in my dream business…? Why was I still feeling this way?  I got curious and started to investigate that question. And at the […]

A Story of Transformation through Unconditional Love

One of the most transformational experiences of my life was leading a group pilgrimage to India at the start of 2020. India is unlike any place I’ve visited. It cracks my heart open again and again, teaching – moment to moment – how to surrender, how to receive, how to have faith. It’s here that I do my deepest transformation. This year I was blessed to share that gift completely.  And the same kind of […]

Change your attitude, Change your life with David Neagle

“I think the best definition of success I’ve ever heard came from Earl Nightingale. It’s a very rounded, holistic definition.What Earl said was: Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. It’s not a destination, it is the progressive unfolding of your purpose.” –David Neagle I am so over the moon thrilled and honored to share this conversation with one of my most important mentors. David has taught me more about the truth of […]