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Saying The Thing is About Intimacy

Saying the thing is so much about intimacy. Saying the thing to each other means being more intimate with one another right now. Letting me witness you say the thing to each other is also intimate. Letting me see you have this connection is intimate.  Intimacy is a sophisticated, nuanced thing to choose and to co-create. I don’t know that it’s ever trivial. Ever. If we take it for granted, it’s less intimate. The sweet […]

Saying The Thing is Exponential Technology

Telling the truth is our primary exponential technology. How are we feeling in this moment? What wants to be said in this moment? It’s a great place to return to. So simple. As a practice, ask yourself – is there anything that wants to be said right now? Is there anything I’m holding back? Is there anything I’m wanting to hear? Source Material, Sales Full Stop, November 29, 2023 — Sign-up to receive my daily […]

Healing our wounding around want

For as long as I can remember, I asked for things and didn’t get them. Asking was not the key in those situations.  Sometimes it was because my parents weren’t budgeting as much as I wanted them to. Sometimes it was because they didn’t understand how important that thing was to me. But it was just the experience over decades of asking for something and not getting it.  Asking for something in romantic relationships and […]

What it means to wait to respond

When I decided to get pregnant, I had these visions of nursing while on a coaching call. I was super clear that he would be part of my service.  Sometimes I remember that. Sometimes I feel sheepish about how much he’s in my calls. It changes. Then yesterday, I got one of these somebody-puts-their-hand-on-your-forehead-and-doses-you-with-the-god-healing: The parenting decisions I’ve made are so primal I don’t even think about them. I’m still breastfeeding – that’s a parenting […]

How do you align with your true self?

How do you realign with your true self? I think this is the most important question anyone has ever asked. You can only ask it when you know as much as you know already. It’s not a question that everybody can ask. And it’s the most important question. And this is part of why we’re in a six-month rather than a six-day program. I can teach you all you need to know about how to […]