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The Things We Don’t Say

A lot of times, the things that we don’t say are difficult or negative in some way because we’ve been punished for saying those kinds of things before. We’ve been dismissed and invalidated, both of which are extremely painful. Sometimes we don’t say the thing when it’s something loving. Because it feels so intimate. And we’ve been rejected, we’ve been denied, we’ve been hoping to be met and haven’t been. Maybe we’re with partners who […]

Saying the thing is the path of ease

The clarity that you are already tapped into is relevant everywhere. You can see the potential, the possibilities, the limited beliefs, the hidden things.  Don’t hold back – say the thing. The thing that everyone is thinking. The thing that others are scared or hesitant to say. The thing that might make you sound different or crazy that no one else will ever say. And watch what happens.  Your ability, your comfort, your willingness to […]

How Do You Want to Show Up in Life?

The focus of this YouTube Live was a very important question.  How do you want to show up today?  The video begins with a sweet meditation that will help you really live into this. The practice will allow you to soften around this question, so you can gain a deep, authentic sense of truth around it. How do you want to experience yourself? What qualities do you want to call forth? Ease… love… worthiness… receiving… […]