The Things We Don’t Say

A lot of times, the things that we don’t say are difficult or negative in some way because we’ve been punished for saying those kinds of things before. We’ve been dismissed and invalidated, both of which are extremely painful.

Sometimes we don’t say the thing when it’s something loving. Because it feels so intimate. And we’ve been rejected, we’ve been denied, we’ve been hoping to be met and haven’t been. Maybe we’re with partners who don’t know how to respond. They may even match us in their feeling, but they don’t communicate in a way we understand. 

And there’s a third bucket of things we don’t say about our insights. This is a place where there’s an immense reservoir of untapped things to say. That you haven’t said because you didn’t want to hurt anybody or assume anything or get too bold. You haven’t said it because you think it’s not your business or something like that. 

There might be many things that you’re really hungry to say.

It’s time to start saying them.

Source Material, Sales Full Stop, November 29, 2023 

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