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Saying The Thing is About Intimacy

Saying the thing is so much about intimacy. Saying the thing to each other means being more intimate with one another right now. Letting me witness you say the thing to each other is also intimate. Letting me see you have this connection is intimate.  Intimacy is a sophisticated, nuanced thing to choose and to co-create. I don’t know that it’s ever trivial. Ever. If we take it for granted, it’s less intimate. The sweet […]

Saying The Thing is Exponential Technology

Telling the truth is our primary exponential technology. How are we feeling in this moment? What wants to be said in this moment? It’s a great place to return to. So simple. As a practice, ask yourself – is there anything that wants to be said right now? Is there anything I’m holding back? Is there anything I’m wanting to hear? Source Material, Sales Full Stop, November 29, 2023 — Sign-up to receive my daily […]

The Things We Don’t Say

A lot of times, the things that we don’t say are difficult or negative in some way because we’ve been punished for saying those kinds of things before. We’ve been dismissed and invalidated, both of which are extremely painful. Sometimes we don’t say the thing when it’s something loving. Because it feels so intimate. And we’ve been rejected, we’ve been denied, we’ve been hoping to be met and haven’t been. Maybe we’re with partners who […]

Saying the thing is the path of ease

The clarity that you are already tapped into is relevant everywhere. You can see the potential, the possibilities, the limited beliefs, the hidden things.  Don’t hold back – say the thing. The thing that everyone is thinking. The thing that others are scared or hesitant to say. The thing that might make you sound different or crazy that no one else will ever say. And watch what happens.  Your ability, your comfort, your willingness to […]

Saying the thing means hearing the thing

Saying the thing is always a value for me. It’s always on my mind.  Right now, this is what I’m thinking about and focused on every single day. I’m writing and reading emails about it every day. I’m in research mode. I’m practicing it everywhere. I’m teaching about it and studying what comes through in the teaching. I’m in conversation with my community about it.  As I’m putting myself into this deeper study of saying […]