Saying The Thing is About Intimacy

Saying the thing is so much about intimacy.
Saying the thing to each other means being more intimate with one another right now.
Letting me witness you say the thing to each other is also intimate. Letting me see you have this connection is intimate. 

Intimacy is a sophisticated, nuanced thing to choose and to co-create. I don’t know that it’s ever trivial. Ever. If we take it for granted, it’s less intimate.
The sweet sort of casual intimacy that I sometimes have with Sri… if I’m not appreciating it, I’m not contributing my presence to it. It’s less. 

We’ve all experienced some form of harm or trauma that makes that closeness scary. 

So it’s important that you talk to yourself with generosity, also, when you don’t say the thing.
When you realize, Oh, I haven’t said the thing, and that also makes sense.
I’m not failing because I haven’t said the thing yet.
I just might want to say it now. 

Who are you ready to speak to?

Source Material, Sales Full Stop, November 29, 2023

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