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Saying The Thing is Exponential Technology

Telling the truth is our primary exponential technology. How are we feeling in this moment? What wants to be said in this moment? It’s a great place to return to. So simple. As a practice, ask yourself – is there anything that wants to be said right now? Is there anything I’m holding back? Is there anything I’m wanting to hear? Source Material, Sales Full Stop, November 29, 2023 — Sign-up to receive my daily […]

I do not want to say yes to this contrast.

We’ve been moving for the last week. We did so great. We hired full service movers to pack, unload, unpack. We flew out the day that the movers arrived. We didn’t even supervise the move. We flew private, brought the bunny. All that stuff was great.  Then four days into being in Sedona without our stuff… I’m pregnant, my feet are swollen, there’s no furniture, I can’t put my feet up on anything except the […]

Money Backstory

We are here to break the implicit agreements we have made that separate god and money.  That we, as spiritual people, shouldn’t be making money. That we, as spiritual people, shouldn’t be charging money.  Making money is your service. Making money is your most important service. Making money is what God wants you to do. Making money is what you’re being instructed to do.  This is your medicine.  Our fears about money are just that […]

Less Words

You know the amount of information that needs to be shared. And it’s so different from the amount of information that everyone else is sharing. It’s sort of like a different language, and you are so solid there. It is the right thing to say. You’ve shared the right information. We relax into you, into your rhythm, into your knowing. There’s no hiding. There’s nothing closed or shrouded. This isn’t some lack of clarity or […]

What it means to wait to respond

When I decided to get pregnant, I had these visions of nursing while on a coaching call. I was super clear that he would be part of my service.  Sometimes I remember that. Sometimes I feel sheepish about how much he’s in my calls. It changes. Then yesterday, I got one of these somebody-puts-their-hand-on-your-forehead-and-doses-you-with-the-god-healing: The parenting decisions I’ve made are so primal I don’t even think about them. I’m still breastfeeding – that’s a parenting […]