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I do not want to say yes to this contrast.

We’ve been moving for the last week. We did so great. We hired full service movers to pack, unload, unpack. We flew out the day that the movers arrived. We didn’t even supervise the move. We flew private, brought the bunny. All that stuff was great.  Then four days into being in Sedona without our stuff… I’m pregnant, my feet are swollen, there’s no furniture, I can’t put my feet up on anything except the […]

TRUST the realness – don’t fake it till you make it!

There’s a lot of ‘fake it till you make it’ positivity in the world. (I’m sure you’ve noticed.)  How do you feel about it?  Personally, I’m skeptical. In my own internal ecosystem, performing positivity has been harmful. I’ve harmed myself with my own demand to be positive all the time – as if that’s more spiritual than being negative.  It sets up this duality that we’re supposed to be a certain way. And if we’re […]

Transcend the Trap of Binary Thinking for Freedom & Growth

‘I’m whole, or I’m broken.’ ‘I’m good, or I’m bad.’ ‘I’m wealthy, or I’m broke.’ ‘I’m conscious, or I’m unconscious.’ Right? Binary thinking permeates our culture. As human beings, seekers, spiritual folks, healers – so much of what we are doing here on Earth is: Being confronted with oversimplified duality. Experiencing the contrast of what it feels like to be boxed into those restrictive options. Finding something else that isn’t either one of those things… […]

Why I Get Excited When My Clients Get Angry

It’s better for clients to be mad at you than to be mad at themselves.  The space of self-attack is never conducive to growth or transformation.  When clients are angry, especially with me, I ask them to tell me all about it.  While they tell me, I do my best to listen without doing anything about it.  I resist the temptation to express or even think thoughts that defend or protect or explain myself.  This […]

A Life Changing Practice, but First Make it a Habit

You are standing at a fork in the road.  We all are. Anytime you’re thinking of making a change in your life, anytime you’re growing and transforming, there are two paths you can choose. The one you’re already traveling on, and the one that will take you where you really want to go.  It’s not always obvious.  Our subconscious makes noise to obscure the truth from us because it doesn’t want us to change.  So […]