Human Design and Entrepreneurship: The Success Sessions with Chetan Parkyn

The system of Human Design has become incredibly popular in recent years – for good reason! What excited me when I first heard about this system was a common thread among people who had discovered its teachings. They said: 

It freed me to work on the things that I could change… and to stop working on the things that I couldn’t. 

In the words of our fantastic expert, Chetan Parkyn:

“Human Design is a 21st century self-remembering device. It’s an objective system. It tells you who you are – the vehicle you’re going to be in for this lifetime – and it tells you how to run that vehicle to the best effect. There’s nothing else vaguely like it anywhere in the world. And it’s exactly for these times, because we absolutely need to find out who we are and what we’re up to!  

We have to recognize… what am I doing here?” 

My teacher Chetan is absolutely the person to learn from on this timely, valuable, super spiritual yet highly practical topic.

In this video, I have a rich and exciting talk with Chetan about…

  • Human Design and its increasing popularity
  • His long journey to success in writing and teaching about this system
  • How our unique design has chosen us 
  • The inherent gifts bestowed on every single person
  • How every human being must find their own truth… 

…and much much much more. 

I had a lot of fun with this interview and I think you’ll find it uplifting, enlightening, and enjoyable. 

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