Celebrating Ram Dass

I first heard of Ram Dass when I was little. My parents had attended his workshops and looked up to him. He was in my awareness for my whole life. As a teenager, I received his books and began to read them, growing deep appreciation for the depth, artistry, and devotion they transmitted. 

And from there, my spiritual and meditative life began. I found my meditation teacher and my practice. I had the unbelievable opportunity to meet Ram Dass, to be touched by his immense love… to feel my soul witnessed by his soul, and to know that I was wrapped up in God’s grace. 

I feel I owe it all – my entire beautiful spiritual life – to Ram Dass. The man who brought these teachings of love and devotion to the West. The teacher who touched so many. 

Although he left his body on December 22, 2019, he is still here now in soul. You haven’t missed your opportunity to connect with him, to feel his powerful presence.  

I created this video in acknowledgment and celebration of his life, to offer up my joy, my gratitude… and the raw, heart-cracking love and emotion I am still experiencing in this relationship. It’s just too big and too precious to hold for myself. 

I hope you will share it with me. 

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