Envision Your Dreams (in Designer Clothes)

I used to have a deep longing for the feeling of comfort and elegance in the clothing that I wore. I thought it was impossible for me because I didn’t have the type of body that such beautiful clothes are made for. 

I was wrong!!! 

But it took me nearly 20 years to go from dream to reality on this one. 

Once upon a time in a documentary, I heard about a designer from Japan named Yohji Yamamoto. His clothes were described in the film as making someone feel like he was “in his own skin” for the first time. When I heard that, I was like… I want to feel that way!! 

Then I moved to New York, and there was a Yohji Yamamoto store on Grand Street that I passed all the time. And I never had the courage to go in! I lived in NYC for 15 years and I didn’t even enter the store. I thought they would know I was a fraud and kick me out. I couldn’t mentally conceive of the possibility that I could find out…  What is it like to put on clothing that makes you feel like you’re wearing your own skin?? 

In this video, I tell the whole story of how I manifested my lifelong style dream of feeling good in my body in designer clothes, and what it feels like!! 

I also guide you through an exercise to envision your highest ideals… expressed through clothing. <3 

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