Racial Justice and Conscious Leadership: The Success Sessions with Holiday Phillips

This interview is super important to me, so let’s dive right into it. 

Holiday Phillips is a London-based educator on racial justice and healing, spiritual teacher, coach and writer. She’s also co-founder of Kula Collective, a consultancy that helps organizations develop conscious leadership and inclusive cultures. Her life’s work finds its home at the point where personal transformation meets collective change – where our inner work extends to real and felt impact out in the world. 

I discovered Holiday when I got the call to #amplifyblackvoices. At the time, I was shocked to realize that my entire social feed was white. Even after a few days of muting and seeing almost exclusively posts about muting, still no black folks. Thanks to that exercise, I got a mirror onto my own bias – it stung, and it got me into action on a lot of levels. One of those actions was to seek out and follow many brilliant black humans – they were, of course, easy to find. And I am beyond grateful to be connected with Holiday. 

In this conversation, we dive deeply into questions of anti-racism, racial healing, personal spirituality, cultural change, the meaning of success, the power of activism, and balancing the inner experience with the outer. Holiday’s approach to it all is mature, refined, accessible, and feels so nourishing that you’ll find yourself taking a sigh of relief. 

In this interview, she unpacks how patience, grace, faith, and vulnerability have played key roles in her success. Everything came together when she brought all of herself to her work. 

Through spiritual study and meditation practice, Holiday integrated her once high-achieving, high-pressure mindset with her newly activated spirituality and followed the winding path to her purpose. She now runs her own consultancy with her partner, working with tech companies around conscious leadership, diversity and inclusion. They literally help companies learn how to scale the soul. 

Watch the video here for a powerful dose of brilliance, inspiration, hope, and spiritual nourishment.

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