Radical Beauty by Choosing Your Full Self

This video is all about radically choosing yourself, being full-on YOU, and being 100 percent unapologetic about it. 

I’m sharing from the chair while I get my eyebrows done because for me, this type of beauty as a personal choice is radical. It represents how I choose myself. 

It’s time for all of us to choose our full selves. It’s time for us to choose this life, and be here all the way. 

It’s all your choice. 

We’re taught to be passive. We’re taught that our success is in someone else’s hands. In order to be wealthy, you have to be picked. It’s just bullshit. The only thing that’s different about people who are successful is that they picked themselves. 

Pick yourself!! And then whatever you’re guided to do from there… it’s all you. And it’s magic. 

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