Love that Moves Mountains and Creates Worlds

Sometimes things don’t end the way we hoped they would. In December of 2020, I wasn’t able to gather the members of my mastermind group in person for our closing retreat due to the pandemic. This group traveled to India together. This beloved group cracked me open and revealed deeper levels of my vulnerability and authenticity. We would never be together in the same way again, and this broke my heart.  

So… I took a deep breath, opened my heart, released resistance, and leaned into it all: The togetherness, non-togetherness. The discomfort, the tenderness. The heartbreak, the sadness. The celebration, the love. And, once more, this process of surrender transformed me. We ended up having our closing retreat online, and this video is a recording of this event.

I’m so grateful for and in love with this group and everything we did together. Also, I am so in love with ALL of my clients!! I want to shout it from the rooftops. I want to celebrate every single one of them for being the spectacularly gifted, courageous, brilliant world changers they are. (Clients – the staggering results ya’ll have been reporting to me make me so proud I could cry. Sometimes I do cry.)  

I also want to celebrate every single member of this community, and if you are reading this that’s you, because we are part of a movement. An uprising of LOVE. Love for each other, for the planet, for humanity, for God, for ourselves. Transformational love, the love that moves mountains and creates worlds. 

That’s the basis of everything I’m doing. 

I know it is for you, too.

In honor of love, and celebrating closing with our beautiful group, I offer a love poem from India. 

Replace my name with your own as you read it to yourself. Let it be the song of Love’s emissaries, singing to their most precious child… you. 

Jai Jesse Johnson
You are never in danger
my sweet

You are ever with us
one of us
Let us breathe our healing love into your body
Let us carry your physical weight today
Let us lift the sorrows of your heart
There is only this
the oneness of us
There is only the deep love
The candle flickers to draw your eyes
But the fire is within you and it doesn’t burn out

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