Lead with Authenticity: The Success Sessions with Toku McCree

I am so f*cking honored and thrilled to share this brilliant conversation with one of the deepest humans I know. 

Toku McCree is an author, speaker, and coach focused on bringing Zen teachings to the world of business, leadership, and coaching. He trained for over two years as a Zen Monk – ya’ll know I love my monks. Toku and I have known each other for years; we deeply reconnected recently and it has led to some incredible collaboration and friendship. 

Toku is so reflective, powerful, honest, and authentic. He shares his whole heart unapologetically. You are really in for a treat with this one. 

Toku kindly offered us a special gift link to receive his book, The Untitled Dojo Devotional, the minute it comes out on January 1st! It is a collection of love letters about coaching, which is part advice and part invitation into your own form of coaching greatness.

Here’s a short description of the book –

In 2019 I had a friend who was becoming a coach, and I decided to begin by writing him a short letter each day to help him learn what I had learned about what it means to be an exceptional coach.

After a month I ended up with 31 letters or meditations on coaching all of which capture the essence of what I think it means to be a coach with incredible depth and power.

These are the lessons I return to again and again, even when I went from charging a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand.

Each letter is simple but deep.

They offer practical advice on things like

  • Understanding what makes a coaching session work and what makes it fall apart.
  • Learning how to help create small simple changes that lead to incredible outcomes.
  • Knowing how to coach someone to step into possibility even if they’re full of doubts and fears.

I hope you enjoy Toku’s brilliance as much as I do! 

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