Bring your true self for Peace and Prosperity

We’re unpacking a universal experience at JJC right now. Taking a look at what’s underneath the one fear shared by almost everyone I meet. 

The fear of sales. 

This conversation calls for nuance, so I brought in special guest geniuses from our social media team to dig in with me. One of them is my husband Srikala, who happens to be an expert at conscious sales. I love the way he framed this question for us: 

So many of us just want to be in a peaceful space. We don’t want to be in this confronted space; we don’t want to be in the space where we feel slimy.  

How do these two things connect? 

Where is the line between meditation and experiencing that stillness of spiritual practice… in sales?

I love that everything comes back to my meditation training.

Shout out to Harshada David Wagner. He taught me how to meditate, and so much of what he had me playing with and practicing in the beginning of my meditation journey was the exploration of the Self. 

Who am I really? What is the Self? 

I’m not this thought.
I’m not this body.
I’m not this taste in my mouth.
I’m not my emotional reaction in this moment.
I’m not this role.
I’m not this identity. 

What am I, if I’m not all those things?  

I think that meditation and spiritual practice in general is about being the truth of who we are on the deepest level.

Sales is the same. 

The reason the term “sellout” exists is because the old paradigm of sales, what I often call traditional sales, requires that we pretend to be something else. Like the only way you’ll actually get a sale is if you pretend to care about what you’re selling… when you don’t. Or you pretend to be a different kind of person than you are, in order to make the sale. 

As conscious, spiritual people, we cannot live in alignment with our values and do sales that way. We require a new paradigm. 

So what does it actually mean to practice sales in a conscious way? What does it look like?

Here’s what it is for JJC: 

To do sales as service, we have to practice being our capital-S Selves again. 

The truth of who you are; be THAT while you’re in a sales conversation. 

It requires that we care not at all whether we get a yes or a no. 

We have to be willing to let our egos be rejected… to walk the path of peaceful prosperity. 

Are you ready?


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