Embrace rejection. Celebrate the NO.

This is the best “hack” you’ll ever find for overcoming the fear of sales.
Learn to celebrate NO as powerfully and authentically as you celebrate YES. 

This is not about feeling only positive feelings. I also get disappointed and bummed when someone I want to work with, chooses not to work with me.

 It IS about the willingness to be present to all of what’s here. 

My ego craves hearing yes…
But my soul craves only truth. 

That’s why I’ve fallen in love with hearing no.

Q: How do you have fun with rejection? 

A: We (Sri and Jesse) watched basketball almost every night of the past season. 

We were watching live when Steph Curry made the NBA record for three-point baskets. He’s made over 3000! It was an enormous deal for this player to make more three-point baskets in his NBA career than any other player in NBA history, which is 75 years now. 

And THEN we found out afterwards that he has also missed more three point shots, than almost any basketball player. 

This superstar… The thing that got him the record is the same thing that got him the most NOs.

I’m not afraid of the no’s because I know that they’re bringing me the yeses. 

I just have to keep going.

It’s really a numbers thing. The more people I talk to, the more people are going to say no;  the more people are also going to say yes. And I’m here for the most yeses. 

I also feel this devotion to No, because it has been such an enormous transformational tool in my life.

I was fragile in a fundamental way when I was afraid of hearing no. Just ONE no scared me when I started my business. It felt like a punch in the gut every time, which made me so vulnerable in the hands of complete strangers. People who don’t know me, and don’t owe me anything. 

Why would I give them so much power?.

So it was extremely empowering, liberating, and valuable for me to learn how to welcome the no, to partner with no.

A lot of people don’t equate that to success. It just sounds like another cliche phrase – you’ve gotta fail in order to succeed. 

Until you finally realize: NO is also God. No is also spirituality. No is also enlightenment. 

How does this land for you? If this were true, how would it affect your practice of sales? 


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