How to find your people, the ones meant for you.

There’s a process of deep refinement happening in my business. It’s touching EVERYTHING.
And it is a direct result of the science of Human Design; my study of it, and its impact on me.

(Shoutout to my on-staff human design consultant Sam Zagar, a splenic projector who has seen me in ways I didn’t know I wanted until now.) 

Before Human Design, I was already prioritizing my capacity.
I was already prioritizing my truth.
I was already prioritizing my goals. 

I was prioritizing radical wild, unapologetic living. I was prioritizing the truth – no matter how people felt about it. 

But I wasn’t prioritizing my satisfaction.
To say it more accurately, I didn’t even understand what it meant to prioritize satisfaction.
I had heard that satisfaction is the energetic signature of generators for years, but I didn’t get it.
I hadn’t fully tuned into what satisfaction felt like in my body. 

I was valuing joy, achievement, ambition, orgasm, connection to God, transcendence, all kinds of really amazing sensations – but not satisfaction. 

Now, I’m understanding the essence of human design more clearly.

It asks each of us to trust and live in devotion to our strategy and our authority.
Because each of us knows in our bodies what is correct for us.
And all we need to do to live our True Self life is to make decisions as ourselves.
In tune with the truth of who we are, and how we’re built. 

When we follow our strategy and authority, we make it possible to connect with our fractal – the community of people we incarnated to be here with. 

They can’t find us if we’re not living as our true selves.

Here’s a little more about how it works.

We live in a conditioned world.
What if you never have to bow to that conditioning again?


Ready to take up some space with me? 

Here’s what  I really help people with:

Living from the essence of your unique life force, your true divine blueprint. Maybe even birthing a radical new understanding of who you really are. Experiencing the deep satisfaction of walking in the world as your truest self. Feeling so nourished and full that it naturally spills over into beautifully aligned service, and an outpouring of wealth in all directions. 

If you feel called to raise the standard for your life, I invite you to explore my March 15 event

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